Find that elusive work-life balance with our Lifestyle Wheel

Do you want to improve your lifestyle? The answer is a definite yes for most of us, but to do so you need to balance various aspects of your life.

So how do you achieve this?

As part of our lifestyle financial planning service, Lamb Financial has developed a simple online tool that enables you to rate how you feel about all the key components including your physical and emotional health, relationships, time, money and personal fulfilment.

Using the FREE Lifestyle Wheel web app you give yourself a score on each of ten questions and it will join the dots to see whether you are in for a bumpy or a smooth ride – and suggest areas for improvement.

If you have a good balanced lifestyle, you will have a nice big round circle. You may score low but have a nice round wheel, but this probably means you are in for a bumpy ride!

Any buckles in your wheel will suggest areas for improvement. If you need to improve your lifestyle, think about why you have given yourself that low score, what you can do to improve it, when are you going to take action and what the financial implications are.

Lamb Financial Director David Lamb CFP™ MCSI, who devised the Lifestyle Wheel, said: “When I have initial meetings with new clients one of my key priorities is to establish what kind of lifestyle they desire, in order to identify how much is enough to fund this whatever happens.

“The Lifestyle Wheel is a simple way of finding out how they feel about all the important aspects of their life, and where they need to make changes to achieve a balanced lifestyle. But we also have added it to our website so it is free for anyone to use.”

The new facility is part of a groundbreaking web app called ScoreMy which enables professional advisers who offer financial planning, estate planning and other similar services to measure the impact of their counsel on clients, informing future actions.

If you would like to test out the Lifestyle Wheel, visit: