Financial planning

Lamb Financial provides a comprehensive personal and business financial planning service.

We offer expert advice on financial planning at each stage of your working life and into retirement, from building capital and protecting your finances, to enjoying the proceeds of your hard work, to sharing your wealth.

Our advice includes:

Building capital and protecting your finances

Investment planning

Pension planning

Business planning

Tax planning

Contingency planning and insurance

Financial considerations during divorce

Enjoying life

Retirement planning

Selling your business

Cash flow planning

Sharing your wealth

Estate planning

Inheritance tax planning

Care planning


Charitable giving

Lifestyle financial planning

As a relatively new branch of financial services, lifestyle financial planning is not something most people outside the sector have heard of or understand

Historically a standard life assurance policy and pension were considered sufficient for retirement and insurance purposes, alongside perhaps one or more investment plans.

This blanket approach moved forward a few decades ago, when advisers started to at least undertake a fact find to ascertain their client’s financial situation before recommending products.

Many financial advisers are still thriving on the commission they earn from insurance companies for promoting investment funds, despite the mis-selling scandals such as pensions, endowments and PPI which have given the sector such a bad name.

However, the best financial advisers have turned away from this flawed product-led approach and have instead embraced lifestyle financial planning.

This thorough process centres on understanding the lifestyle you want to have now and in your retirement, and identifying how much you need to achieve this without ever fearing you could run out of money.

With greater life expectancy and higher standard of living expectations, it is more important than ever to properly plan your finances to ensure you can afford to live the kind of life you are accustomed to or aspire to.

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Independent financial advice

From high flying entrepreneurs to cautious investors, our clients share a desire to minimise their tax liabilities, enjoy a good standard of living with a strong capital base and high income, and have sufficient quality time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Perhaps you have assets but insufficient cash, the fun has gone out of much of what you do and you feel a need to rebalance your life in a slightly different way?

As an Independent Financial Adviser authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) we help you organise your affairs, create and protect capital and achieve your desired lifestyle with pro-active, independent and objective advice.

We help you to improve the quality of your life through better planning of your investments, your business and your financial and tax arrangements.

We will review your existing arrangements and prepare clear financial statements to show your current and future cash flow and net worth. You have to know where you are now before deciding what needs to be done to achieve your future aspirations.

We will help you to define and cost your desired future lifestyle, using our sophisticated specialist software to create a computerised model of your arrangements so that alternative courses of action can be explored and a plan developed which enables your objectives to be achieved.